During the pregnancy, just as during conception, the temperament and actions of both parents have a direct effect on the fetus.  The mother must be careful to remain in a positive mood and continue to be aware that her thoughts, emotions and actions are directly absorbed by the child.  Equally, it is the role of the father to participate in a caring, understanding and loving environment with the mother, and accompany the development of the child during the nine month period.

For each month of pregnancy, there are recommended foods to eat that will help develop the fetus in a holistic manner as well as recommended prayers to read for each month.  There are also certain foods the mother can eat during pregnancy that will help develop the intelligence, mannerisms and overall good nature of the child. 

Dear Child also outlines recommended prayers (du’as, suras, salaat, Allah’s names) to recite during pregnancy for the health of the child as well as for safety and protection, for both the mother and the child, during this period. 


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