CONCEPTION – When a couple desires and plans to have a child, there are many aspects to consider in preparation for conception.  These include the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual self.  It is highly recommended in Islam to be AWARE of oneself, and one’s acts.  The healthier and purer the heart, mind, and body is,… Continue reading Conception


PREGNANCY – During the pregnancy, just as during conception, the temperament and actions of both parents have a direct effect on the fetus.  The mother must be careful to remain in a positive mood and continue to be aware that her thoughts, emotions and actions are directly absorbed by the child.  Equally, it is the… Continue reading Pregnancy


CHILDBIRTH – Childbirth is a very beautiful and special time for the couple as they welcome their child into the world.  It is also a very ‘trying’ time for the mother and requires a great deal of patience and strength on her part.  Her demeanor during this time will leave a great impression on the… Continue reading Childbirth

Breast Feeding

BREAST FEEDING – Breast feeding is a great time of bonding between the mother and her child.  It is at this time that she can talk to her child and interact with him/her giving a lot of love because this moment provides a direct connection where the impression on the child is enhanced.  She may… Continue reading Breast Feeding


COMFORT – In the overall care of the child, there are many areas that require attention, some of which are:Soothing a Crying ChildTeethingBed WettingRestoring the child to good health when he/she is sickStopping the child from eating bad thingsAccompanying the child to speakAccompanying the child to walkKeeping the child safe and protectedDear Child also outlines… Continue reading Comfort

A Gift to My Child

A GIFT TO MY CHILD – Some lovely advice and some beautiful prayers from a parent’s heart for their child.  Connection, both through touch and fruitful conversation, with one’s child is what really gives them a good foundation of love, which they can then easily express in other relationships in their lives.  Their involvement and responsibilities… Continue reading A Gift to My Child