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The Father and the Child
A Du’a For Ease – Du’a Halle Mushkilat
Supplication of the Throne – Ganjul Arsh 

The Importance of Conscientious Parenting 
Rightly Guided Children
Children Gone Astray
Displeased Parents

Etiquette During Conception
Recommended Timings for Conception
Du’as for Conception
Suras for Conception
Salaat for Conception
Allah’s Name for Conception
Du’as to Conceive a Male Child
Allah’s Names to Conceive a Male

Du’a for Contraception

Etiquette During Pregnancy
Recommendations for the Mother During Pregnancy

Du’as During Pregnancy
Salaat During Pregnancy
Allah’s Names During Pregnancy
Nourishment During Pregnancy
Monthly Pregnancy Chart

Safety During Pregnancy
Du’as for Safety During Pregnancy
Suras for Safety During Pregnancy
Names of Allah for Safety During Pregnancy

Child Birth 
Etiquette During Child Birth
Du’as for Child Birth
Suras for Child Birth
Allah’s Name for Child Birth

Rituals After Child Birth 
Naming the Child
Recommended Names
Titles of Bibi Fatima’s (a.s.) Names
Aqiqah for the Male Child



Walimah for the New Born Child
Congratulations for the New Born Child

Breast Feeding
Etiquette for Breast Feeding
Du’as for Breast Feeding
Suras for Breast Feeding

Weaning the Child from Breast Milk
Etiquette for Weaning the Child from Breast Milk
Du’a for Weaning the Child from Breast Milk 

Comforting the Child
Du’as to Soothe a Crying Child
Suras to Soothe a Crying Child
Suras for Ease in Teething
Du’a to Prevent Bed-Wetting 

Du’as for Ailments
Du’a to Prevent Eating Bad Things

Du’as for Speaking
Du’a for Walking

Du’as for Protection
Suras for Protection
Allah’s Names for Protection 

Developmental Stages of a Child 
Du’as to Have a Pious Child
Suras to Have a Pious Child 
Allah’s Name to Have a Pious Child 

Du’as to Cultivate Intelligence in the Child 
Sura to Cultivate Intelligence in the Child 
Allah’s Names to Cultivate Intelligence in the Child 


Du’as for a Disobedient Child 
Suras for a Disobedient Child
Allah’s Name for a Disobedient Child

A Gift To My Child
Some Simple Advice
Awareness of Feelings
Connection Through Touch
Responsibility of Household Chores
Imam Ali ibn Al-Husayn Zaynul Abideen’s (a.s.) Du’a for Children
Prayers from a Parent’s Heart
Salaat for Children by Parents
Amal for Children - Muharram
Salaat for Children - Rajab
Salaat for Children - Zilhajj
Recommended Du’as to Teach Your Children

A Gift To My Parents

The Rights of a Mother and Father
Imam Ali ibn Al-Husayn Zaynul Abideen’s (a.s.)
Du’as for Parents
Salaat for Parents by Children
Salaat for One’s Deceased Mother

Salaat Al Layl ( Al Tahajjud )

Du’a Al-Ahd

Du’a Hifz-e Emaan
Ayatul Kursi
Du’a Kumayl
Du’a Makarimul Akhlaq (The Honorable Morals)
Du’a Me’raj
Du’a Naad-e-Ali (Kabeer)
Du’a Al-Nudbah
Du’a Al-Simaat
Du’a Al-Tawassul
Du’a Al-Yastasheer

Ziyarat-e-Aale Yaseen
Ziyarat-e-Jamia Al-Kabeera
Hadith Al-Kisa

If a Child Lives With...  


My Vision: to provide a key collection of prayers to assist parents in raising their children

My Mission: for this knowledge to be passed from generation to generation for the eternal benefit of our descendants

My Purpose: to create AWARENESS of the importance of each step... each moment… in creating and educating ones family


About the Author

Aarifa Razaali


Aarifa Razaali was inspired to compile the book Dear Child due to her own experience while growing up.  As a child, she had a book of prayers that explained clearly the reason and benefits of reciting each prayer.  This inspired her to want to pray as she understood the speciality of each prayer, which gave answers and satisfaction to the desires in her heart.  

Although all prayers are powerful and the Quran is a miracle in itself, we can conclude that there are certain prayers more suited for certain reasons, just as there are sacred times and sacred places when and where prayers are more beneficial.

The purpose of compiling this book was to facilitate and encourage a parent’s desire to pray for their children as within Dear Child, they will find a great number of prayers with varying topics all in the same book.




Dear Child is a comprehensive collection of all the supplications a mother will need in her parenting journey. These supplications - both from the Quran and the Ahlul Bayt - cover any and all times a mother seeks to turn to Allah for divine guidance, from when wanting to conceive a child to labour and beyond. No doubt, access to all of these beautiful supplications is a blessing. Having it all in  one place makes it easier for a mother to know what to recite, thus helping her inshallah to bring up her child in the most successful manner.

Shaheen Merali


“The second edition of Dear Child is a welcomed addition to the genre of books dealing with pregnancy, parenting and much more. It blends the valuable teachings found in multiple previously published books on topics starting from stages before conception and works through to child birth and ends with prayers and supplications to keep our children on the straight path. Containing guidance given in the Quran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad and the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon all of them, the second edition of Dear Child is a one-stop resource for the mother and father to be, helping them navigate the various stages of their life from childbirth and beyond…”

Shaykh Saleem Bhimji


About the Chapters of Dear Child...


Cultivate Islamic virtues for your children through divine prayer at each
stage of their development.

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