Childbirth is a very beautiful and special time for the couple as they welcome their child into the world.  It is also a very ‘trying’ time for the mother and requires a great deal of patience and strength on her part.  Her demeanor during this time will leave a great impression on the newborn and its transition into the world, so she must keep this in mind and again stay aware of her emotional state.  To help herself through this, she may want to choose a word or prayer that she will keep on her tongue and say with the different breaths she takes during her contractions. This will serve to ease the pain while at the same time connecting her to the Divine Essence.  It is highly recommended that the couple stay in a state of gratitude and focus on the great gift they are about to receive, keeping in mind that this brief difficulty is just a passage to a world of joy ahead.

Dear Child also outlines recommended prayers (du’as, suras, Allah’s names) to recite to accompany the couple through this process. 


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