When a couple desires and plans to have a child, there are many aspects to consider in preparation for conception.  These include the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual self.  It is highly recommended in Islam to be AWARE of oneself, and one’s acts.  The healthier and purer the heart, mind, and body is, the better effect it will have on the child.  

The environment of where the couple conceives plays an effect on the child.  When we refer to environment we are referring to:

  • The ‘pure and prepared’ bodies of both parents: it is highly recommended that the parents cleanse themselves, their thoughts, feelings, body (mind, heart, physical), and that they nourish themselves with healthy options in all aspects of themselves.
  • The actual place where the conception takes place: the place of conception should be clean.  Additionally, what the couple will hear and see around them will also have an effect on the child.  

The timing of conception also has a great effect on the child.  This includes the time of day as well as the day of the week and some dates of the year.

Dear Child also outlines recommended prayers (du’as, suras, salaat, Allah’s names) to recite to support the conception of a child.


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